About Me




Grew up in a very small and ethnocentric town where we didn't have much to do. No car culture. No photographers. Nothing. Watching the Discovery Channel was my only escape so I'd spend hours watching episodes of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain dreaming of traveling the world some day. 

I moved to Phoenix AZ where I attended Arizona State University and then moved to Los Angeles where I'd start practicing photography.



It all still feels unreal sometimes. The big skyscrapers. Venice Beach. The 4th St. bridge I'd see in movies as a kid. Now I live in this beautiful city with inspiration all around me 24/7.

I enjoy shooting street, portrait, and automotive photography alike and I've also shot product photography for several brands over the years.



My newest passion for the last couple of years has been shooting film and I've been focusing on shooting street portraits with my beloved film cameras. I still have a lot to learn so follow me on this crazy photographic journey. Follow me on Instagram at @jortegadesign to keep up with my photographic adventures.